DAO Advantages
Decentralized Autonomous Organization Advantages
The Akuma DAO will be created to allow the community to decide on its future, in order to continue developing our project. A certain percentage of secondary sales will go into the community vault. Every Akuma owner will have the right to vote in this ecosystem, allowing a truly decentralized project. For this we will need you, because it is you who will decide the future of the project with your ideas and thoughts. Together we are stronger, that's why each holder will be able to propose his ideas by talking directly with the whole team. If the idea is interesting, we can then give financial support. The first members of the DAO will play a crucial role in this new community, the more discussions and ideas are built the more the project can be managed by the community so that the members have a real advantage. Of course, many NFT tips and Whitelist spots of the best projects will be offered frequently. Our $AKM token will also offer them many advantages which will be explained in another part!
The Akuma DAO has already started, initially without funding, but by offering Whitelists spots of other projects to our Discord community.
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