The Team
Samy is the founder of The Revenge of Akuma. He manages the team to make sure that the project is moving in the right direction while giving precise indications so that everyone advances at the same pace. He has worked several years for AIRBUS and some others companies, for several months now he has been interested by the web3.0 because he sees a very promising future in it. He decided after months of research on the subject to launch his own project inspired by the best project in NFT. Samy has a lot of experience when it comes to working in teams or even managing a group of people. He wants to give to persons who buy his project a real advantage, more than a simple investment. He wants to build a real ecosystem on the promising blockchain that is the Solana !
Liliano is responsible for the marketing and communication of the project. After having been a marketing consultant for some companies, he decided to join the Revenge Of Akuma adventure. In this new challenge, he organizes the daily marketing strategies and makes sure that the whole team is moving in the right direction in an optimal way. With this project, he wants to bring a real added value to the Solana space and to web3.
Lewok enjoys gaining knowledge in various fields and pushing his limits by constantly learning new skills. From a young age, he had countless experiences in sales and social work and developed skills and knowledge related to consumer behavior and relationships. The next logical step was for him to study marketing and communication. After graduation, he specialized in new technologies and more specifically in Web 3.0 and NFT. Passionate about Manga and Japanese culture, Lewok combines his interests with Revenge Of Akuma and brings a long term and ambitious vision to establish the project in these two fields. He is also in charge of public relations in order to obtain partnerships that will propel Revenge Of Akuma to the next level.
Hi, I'm Pierre, a 25 years old french artist. Passionate about anime, drawing and art in general. I studied 5 years in art and animation after my baccalaureate, graduating first in my class at the school EDAIC in Lyon. Since then I've been working on my own for different projects, tattoos, children's illustrations, album covers or NFT. If I ever made you want to see more you can find some of my work on my Instagram @raptor_past
Alpredo Pan has a solid experience with crypto-currencies for over 7 years. He has built many Apps on Solana blockchain, Cardano, EVM with solidity smart contract, haskell, plutus, rust and c++ smart contract. He also created several DEX and NFT Marketplace, NFT Mint Engine, Staking, Special Token project.
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