Risky Game
The risky game will take place in the form of 3 challenges: the more you advance in the tests, the more complicated they will be and the more the cost to participate will increase.
To participate in the 3 challenges, you will have to spend your $AKM that you will have earned thanks to staking. If you don't have any more $AKM to participate in the Risky game, you will be able to buy some on the secondary market.
You will have to choose between selling your $AKM or trying your luck in the risky game, but know that the first members to finish all 3 challenges will receive a unique reward for bravely trying their luck and winning the risky game before anyone else. Once you have completed all the challenges, you will be rewarded with a token: the vial of Akuma's blood. It will allow you, once consumed, to transform your warrior into a demon. He will get a new appearance...
The first 10 to finish the risky game will have access to a legendary transformation that will give them a unique appearance! (Even if their NFT was classified as common). The other 1000 will also have access to an upgrade that will make their warriors more rare than they were before their transformation.
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