Initial Stake Phase 1/2 - $AKM Airdrop The first part of our staking will start 2 weeks after the mint phase: we will reward our holders with weekly $AKM airdrops - 100 $AKM per week. Its usefulness will be paramount to participate in Akuma's risky game in order to get the final reward: receiving Akuma's blood to change the appearance of your NFT. The $AKM also have other advantages, so make sure to accumulate as much as possible.
Exceptionally, the first 2 weeks holders will receive double the usual amount (200 $AKM weekly) to reward them for their loyalty to the project and build the best community possible.
We do everything to reward the holders who believe in the future of the project !
100 $AKM
Final Stake Phase 2/2 - Earn $AKM by staking your NFT
Trust the future of the project by staking your NFT: you will be rewarded every week by receiving $AKM, precisely 100 $AKM every week. The staking system will be essential if you want to participate in the best risky game in the SOLANA space.
To receive your $AKM, you will need to stake your NFT. Every week go to the Akuma website, connect your wallet and claim your $AKM. They will then be sent directly to your wallet, in the form of NFT: you can either sell them or keep them to participate in the risky game. Try to keep as many as possible, they will be useful in the roadmap 2.0 !
Moreover, the staking system will allow you to become a trusted holder. You will be directly assigned to a role in our discord. Incredible advantages will await you...
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